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The Mt. Pleasant Discovery Museum is seeking to build a multi-story, gross motor, air and space rocket climber to be located in the silo section of our facility. It has affectionately been named the 3, 2, 1… Blast Off! by our Youth Advisory Board. It is our intention to use this exhibit to engage children on characteristics of space such as gravity, planet alignment, astrology, and space machinery. Most importantly, we want the exhibit to align with the Next Generation Science Standards while being a safe and secure climbing structure. With such a big attraction, we hope to increase both museum membership as well as positive reputation within the community as being an interactive learning environment for children ages 0-10 and their parents/caregivers.

Click here to view the 3,2,1…Blast Off! RFQ

3,2,1… Blast Off! Frequently Asked Questions 

  •  Are you requiring the fabricator to be a licensed general contractor? 
    • If the drawings are done by an engineer, we do not need a licensed general contractor. If the drawings are not completed by an engineer, we will need to have a licensed general contractor. 
  • Is a permit required?
    • Yes. We are required to get a permit if the climbing structure is over 10 ft in height. Our township building code manager suggested to review section 424 Building Code.
  • The RFQ says, “Please refer to project specifications and construction documents for complete scope of work”.  Does this drawing package exist?
    • The drawing does not exist. This project would be for the entire design and build.
  •  Does MPDM have a preferred exhibit opening date?
    • We hope to have this project done by December of 2019.