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Learn the life of the honey bee! Adults, feel free to climb and explore with your child!



Explore the green house where you can relax under our canopy of plants and read a book with your child or watch them put on a puppet show. 


EXPLORATORIUM-exhibitBuild a paper rocket to see how far it flies and aim for the targets!


Explore life on the farm, plant a garden, gather eggs, or go fishing!


Use your math skills to teach your child how to buy fresh produce at the market. 


Learn the Japanese language, make sushi, try on a kimono, or write haiku poetry in Okaya, Japan our interactive cultural exhibit!


Launch balls into the air and control the flow of water at our water table!




See how fast your scarf can fly in the wind tunnel!


pleasant park website

Learn about what is happening in your own backyard! This exhibit features an ant hill climber, camper, and microscope to help kids discover the amazing things nature can do!  

luminary lab webiste

Experiment with light in Luminary Lab! Play with our plasma ball, make a picture on our life size “Lite-Brite,” or interact with our motion sensor wall! 

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